Turkey and Syria earthquakes: BBC News Review




The story:
Turkey has actually been hit by one more effective earthquake.
Two weeks back, shakes impacting Turkey and Syria killed over 44,000 people and left thousands homeless. The most recent quake has actually triggered lots of buildings deteriorated by earlier tremblings to collapse.

Getty/Chris McGrath, Sameer Al-Doumy, Celestino Arce, Bulent Kilic, Murat Saka

Keyword and also phrases:
fresh – new or different
– You really did not drink your tea! I’ll make you a fresh one.
– I’ll take a fresh look at my notes before the examination.

rattle – move rapidly, commonly noisally
– The wind was so strong that it rattled the windows.
– The explosion rattled the cups on the table 5 km away.

wind down – gradually end, commonly in phases
– The company are unwinding their global procedures to save money.
– The party started to unwind around 11 and, by midnight, everybody had left.

0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – Story
1:10 – Headline 1: Fresh shakes hit earthquake-devastated district in Turkey – Financial Times
2:55 – Headline 2: Hospitals evacuated right after new tremblings rattle Hatay – Hurriyet Daily News
4:40 – Headline 3: Death toll from Turkey-Syria quakes increases to 46,000, as rescues unwind – Washington Post
6:00 – Language summary

To download and install a transcript as well as sound, go here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/newsreview-2023/unit-1/session-8

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