Raoul Pal: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S COMING – Bitcoin Has No Competition

Raoul Buddy: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S COMING – Bitcoin Has No Competitors

Perhaps Bitcoin finishes up being the option at the actual end, but we obtained a great deal in between here in the very end to go. I keep every little thing in Bitcoin” – Raoul Pal

00:15 – My big bet is bitcoin due to the fact that I have complete conviction
01:07 – I’m also intellectually thinking about the future, Bitcoin is the future
02:27 – People don’t want the typical economic markets in this room
03:15 – We’re going to have a Bitcoin technique and blockchain approach
04:26 – The central banks are yelling at everybody
05:23 – Some will certainly simply have a digital money which is simply digital Fiat
05:39 – Velocity of money all over the world is 0 since the financial device doesn’t function
07:37 – Bitcoin now is probably 10 trillion-plus property
08:07 – The process that can result in active Bitcolonization

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