seanwes tv 097: Why Speakers Get Paid 4-Figures at seanwes conference

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I chat a whole lot on the seanwes podcast concerning establishing an online reputation for on your own. That credibility allows you to do points like sell training courses or consulting. A terrific way to develop your reputation and also develop your expertise is to speak at seminars.

Now I’m an audio speaker, so as someone that is additionally an organizer with seanwes meeting, I have the possibility to establish a criterion for how speakers are treated. Just how I treat speakers will be exactly how I wish to be dealt with as an audio speaker.

The very first thing to note is that covering costs connected to taking a trip and hotels should be the obligation of the seminar, not the speaker.

The speaker’s time is beneficial. It’s additionally not cool down to only pay for one night of resort areas.

Take treatment of your speakers. The speaker’s accommodations need to be completely taken treatment of and practically unseen.

Covering expenditures is the standard. It’s the bare minimum. It’s actually so that they’re not * losing * money. Currently you require to in fact compensate them for their time.

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