PBS News Weekend full episode, March 4, 2023




Saturday on PBS News Weekend, a brand-new research connects the usage of a preferred synthetic sweetener to greater threat of blood clots. A child and nonprofit founder shares her Brief But Spectacular take on memory loss and healthy aging.

Information Wrap: Californians snowed in for days after snowstorm

Popular artificial sweetener linked to greater clotting risk

Just how the flick industry is readjusting to brand-new viewing practices

A Spectacular however short take on memory loss, healthy aging

Aurora borealis places on a spectacular display in unusual places

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00:00 – Intro.
01:54 – News Wrap.
4:00 – Sweetener Concerns.
10:25 – Going to the Movies.
17:13 – Brief But Spectacular.
20:50 – Dazzling Display.

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