Harry Styles – Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Official Video)


Official Video for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles.
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(Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine)

Green eyes, fried rice,
I could cook an egg on you,
Late night, game time,
Coffee on the stove yeah,
You’re sweet ice cream,
But you could use a flake or two,
Blue bubblegum twisted round your tongue,

I don’t want you to get lost,
I don’t want you to go broke,
I want you,

It’s cause I love you babe,
In every kind of way,
Just a little taste,
You know I love you baby,


“Excuse me, a green tea?”,
Music for a sushi restaurant,
From ice on rice,
Scuba duba dubub boo,
Music for a sushi restaurant,
Music for a sushi restaurant,
Music for whatever you want,
Scuba duba dubub boo,

I’m not going to get lost,
I’m not going to go broke,
Staying cool,

You know I love you babe,

If the stars were edible,
And our hearts were never full,
Could we live with just a taste?,
Just a taste,

It’s cause I love you babe,
In every kind of way,
Just a little taste,
You know I love you baby,

Written & Directed by: Aube Perrie
Producer: Rik Green / Josh Sondock / Bryan Younce
Production Co: Pulse Films
Executive Producer: Rik Green, Davud Karbassioun, James Sorton

Creative Director: Molly Hawkins

Production Service: LFR Productions
Executive Producer LFR: Luigi Rossi & Francesco Rizzo

DOP: Christopher Ripley
Production Designer: Patience Harding
Casting Director: Kate Antognini
Photographer: Adam Powell
Special Makeup Effects Designer & Prosthetic Makeup Lead: Chelsea Delfino

Artist Skin: Dotti
Artist Hair: Matt Mullhall
Artist Stylist: Harry Lambert
Artist Stylist Assistant: Ryan Wohlgemut

Stylist: Lindsey Hartman
Hair: Zuleika Acosta
Make-up: Ashley Di Sarro
Location Manager: Jennifer Quesenbery

Production Supervisor: Brooke Eliot
Coordinator: Debby Tickenoff
1st Assistant Director: Donna Imbarrato
1st Assistant Director: Abbey Hansen
2nd Assistant Director: Maria Villena
Art Coordinator: Caroline Jackson

B-Cam Operator: Doug Durant
Steadicam Op: Kyle Fasanella
1st AC: Nick Wiesner
2nd AC: Justin Mulroy
Loader: Laura Eraud
Camera PA: Raheem Stanley

Gaffer: Omar Nasr
BB Electric: Agustina Biasutto
Board Operator: Brandon Woodruff
Electric: Alex Blum
Driver/Swing: Matt Lundy
Key Grip: Keve Huggins
BB Grip: Patrick Graham
Grip: Dwane Harris
Grip: Mithin Thomas

Lead: Erick Benavides
Set Decorator: Abby McCreary
Set Decorator: Phil McGill
Set Decorator: Lissette Emma
Prop Master: Zach Adams

Prosthetic Makeup Artist: Sasha Glasser

Tail produced by: Jason Hamer’s Hamer FX
Sculptor: Mario Tores & Greg Polutanovich
Mold makers: Kyle Konkle, Eric Mullins, Sean Norcross & Emily Faunce
Fabrication: Reggie Rizzo
Painter: Eric Harris

Shrimp mask fabrication: Santino Ferrese

OCP Talent
Owners: David Arrow & Amber Paul
Cook: Dante Fiallo
Handyman: Tony Wave
“Can I touch your tail” Guy: Zeus Rocan Court
Prawn, Trombone: Jessica Stanley
Prawn, Trumpet: Sophie Manoloff
Prawn, Saxophone: Reveka Pasternak

Background Casting: Background Inc.

Location: Sugar Hill Supper Club

Editors: Gwen Ghelid & Aube Perrie

Colour: Tom Mangham
2D Lead: Toby Aldridge
Post: Black Kite Studios
Post Producer: Jade Denne
Sound design & mix: Mark Hellaby
Sound House: 750MPH
Producer: Olivia Ray

Stills Artist: James Siewart
Directors Rep: HANDS

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