Elon Musk Loves BITCOIN!? NO!! He Loves this ALTCOIN!!

Elon Musk tweets regarding BITCOIN again !! Yet does he actually like BTC or does he love this ALTCOIN!? He is playing Coy with MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor on Twitter & his involvement with crypto is much deeper than fulfills the eye. Ethereum !? Close but this ties right into Virtual Power Plant Kingdoms VPPs, AEMO, Australia, LO3 Power & Distributed Energy Exchange (DEX). Which coin might Elon Musk’s Tesla be involved with!? Tune in to figure out !!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰.
00:00 Intro-’s Crazy !? No You Crazy !!
00:32 Elon Musk Playing Bitcoin Games …
01:23 Elon Plays Coy w/ Michael Saylor.
01:43 Elon & Ethereum!?
02:45 Why Did Vitalik Delete His Elon Tweets !?
03:23 Tesla Profits & Regulatory Credits.
04:39 Tesla Virtual Power Plants & DERs.
05:24 AEMO & Tesla Collaborate w/ VPP.
06:14 AEMO Goes Blockchain w/ Energy Web.
06:54 AEMO & Simply VPPx.
07:37 VPPx & Distributed Energy Exchange (DEX).
08:04 Energy Web, DEX & Blockchain.
09:55 Centrica, The UK, LO3 Energy & Their VPP.
11:01 Outro.

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