EEVblog 1498 – TransPod Fluxjet Hyperloop $550M Boondoggle!


The Transpod FluxJet is Hyperloop based on the “New physics” of “Veillance Flux”!
And plasma arc power transfer!
$550M to create a reduced pressure Fluxjet link from Calgary to Edmonton in Canada.
It’ll only cost $18B, what a bargain!
And Sydney to Brisbane? Err, yeah, ok, let’s look at that…
Feasibility study:
Demo video:
Full operation render:
Popular science article:
Veillance Flux IEEE paper:
Full IEEE paper:

00:00 – Transpod Fluxjet “Totally NOT Hyperloop”
00:52 – CNN Travel Article – Quality journalism
02:12 – Veillance Flux? WTF
03:36 – Only $18BN!
04:30 – $550M funding!
06:37 – Let’s watch the promo video!
08:38 – Is that a breadboard?
12:50 – Feasibility study
18:35 – The operational annimation sequence
19:56 – It’s plasma stabilised!
20:32 – Activate the Veillance Flux!
21:37 – How does the physical demo work?
22:23 – Sydney to Brisbane?
24:38 – The European regional development fund
25:25 – $550M in funding CONFIRMED!
27:28 – Original concept
27:55 – The co-founder’s “new physics”
30:09 – Electric arc “plasma” power transfer
33:16 – Veillance Flux technology!
33:41 – It’s totally NOT Maglev!

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